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Links to other Recon Airplane Companies and related organizations

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74th RAC      Aloft               (This site)

183d RAC     Seahorse  1.


184th RAC    Non Stop        no website info

185th RAC    Pteradactyls

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Higher Headquarters - Parent Unit  

145th Combat Aviation Battalion  [1965 to Feb. 1968]  This site has interesting after action reports referencing the 74th.

210th Combat Aviation Battalion [Feb 1968 to 1972] This site has a superb guest log and sign in. Many former Aloft have left messages.

1st Aviation Brigade (RVN)     

International Birddog Association

Hawk Magazine article about the 74th


Links to 74th members individual sites:

 John J Williams II  ALOFT  2/'70--3/'71


Platoon Leaders of the 74th RAC and their tour dates:

      1st Platoon Commanders at Lam Son              * = currently in email contact

           Name                            Call sign         command dates

* CPT William (Bill) Tompkins, Aloft 16, July 1965- June 1966                                  

* CPT Dale Schofield,  Aloft 16, January - June 1967 (Dale was with the 74th from June 1966 to June 1967).

  CPT Jim Rice, Aloft 16, June - November 1967

* CPT Clarence L. (Randy) Hooker, Aloft 16, November 1967 to April 1968

* MAJ Robert L. Clewell, Aloft 16, April to September, 1968

* CPT Bill J. Comer,  Aloft 16, September - October, 1968

* CPT Ed Williams, Aloft 16, October 1968 to October 1969

     2nd Platoon Commanders, Xuan Loc

* CPT Rufus Manley, Aloft 26, Nov, Dec 68, January '69


4th Platoon- Phu Loi

* CPT Roger Bowers, Aloft 46, July 1971-February 1972.  [Roger had a previous tour with the 199th RAC,  Swamp Fox , 1969-1970].