4a. Photos Page 2


Familiar burning oil from behind Company Hq.
Is this a cool plate, or what!
Phu Loi - photos by Rick Funkhouser Aug ~ Oct 1971
Aloft a/c on ramp at Tay Ninh West - Jack Lawton
Aloft 0-1G over delta plain S. of Saigon - Jack Lawton
W01 Jack Lawton - March 1971, Lai Khe, RVN
Rock's Dock - by Dave Watson
Phu Loi from air, mid 1970 - by Dave Watson
Jim Moore(R) with SGT Christy (L) after an unexploded RPG round hit Mr. Moore's Birddog. Remarkable!
LT John Hastings, 3rd Platoon at Xuan Loc 1865 or 1966