This was In the past- for historical information ---- Reunion Sept. 10-13, 2006

A Grand Reunion was hosted by the 183rd Avn Co. (RAC) September 10-13,  2006,  in Washington, D.C.   This reunion was  for all of the United States Army Aviation Companies that were assigned the Birddog [Cessna O-1] in Vietnam.

Here is their invitation:                ----- PAST Reunion -----

183rdRAC SeaHorse Grand Reunion Sept 2006 Washington D.C.



ATTENTION!!!!!!! The 183rd is inviting all Birddog Companies to its September 7th through the 10th 2006 Reunion in Washington DC. We had a great time with the Aloft (74th) and the Swamp Fox (199th) group at our last reunion and hope to see them and other birddoggies at this one. At this reunion, all birddog members are welcome: The Shotguns (221st); Petrodactyls (185th); Non Stop (184th); Catkillers (220th); Headhunters (219th); Hawkeyes (203rd); Warriors (73rd); Night Hawks (131st) and Black Aces (21st).  

This date was settled on at the reunion held in San Antonio, Texas, on September 18, 2004. The reunion was sponsored and hosted by the 183rd AVN Company, callsign "Seahorse." A big thank you is owed to John Fischer, Hiram Johnston and Ray "Doc" Jennings and the entire Seahorse crew for a superior reunion. It was fun and extremely well organized. 


More Photos From Vietnam
2d Platoon Hq, Xuan Loc - by Jim Scott, 1968
CW4 Gerald Patrick "Pappy" Devine
O-1, 74th RAC, 145th CAB, at Xuan Loc by Jim Scott

You may contact me at     One of the objectives of this site is to help all of the former members of the 74th RAC re-connect who wish to do so. If you would like your name, period of service with the 74th and your email address listed, please email me and  I will include you. There is a special Aloft group established on just for us. Email me at the above email address if you would like to be included. If you have photos you would like posted, please send them to me.


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Flying Magazine, February 1951
Flying Magazine Feb 1951 P-30
Flying Magazine Feb 1951 P-31
Flying Magazine Feb. 1951, P-52
Flying Magazine Feb. 1951, P-54
Flying Magazine February 1952
Flying Magazine Feb. 1952 P- 9
Flying Magazine Feb. 1952, P-10
Flying Magazine, Feb. 1952 P-40
Flying Magazine Feb. 1952, P-41

The above articles are from Flying Magazine issues of February 1951 and  February 1952  with permission of Flying Magazine. Copyright by HFM U.S., all rights reserved.

Aloft 5 - custom license plate
Fallen comrades-in-arms. 1965-1974
Captain Riggs
1LT Dobson
Captain Saines
SP5 Burk Blob
Hawk Magazine, June 1970 p-1
Hawk Magazine, June 1970 p-2
Hawk Magazine, June 1970 p-3